Who am I you ask?

I could tell you that I'm in the middle of of getting my masters in social work, and one day I'll be allowed to call myself a counselor. That I love penguins and am all about that nerdlife. That all you need to know is how I am the perfect cross of Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery. But really, that's not what you need to know. 

What you need to know is that I'm trying to learn how to bleed onto a page so that you don't have to be alone. That I am utterly captivated by the human experience. That I write because being a human in this big ol' place is pretty damn hard sometimes, and we need to the read words, which are already pounding in our hearts. This means I write about the hard stuff: heartbreak. grief. anger. friendship. love. becoming yourself. The stuff that keeps us up at night.  

A couple thousand years ago, I managed to live through severe depression, anxiety, and getting my heart ripped out in one year. This is what you call the birth of a writer. The birth of a heart, which can feel other hearts rhythms and falters. Yet, I still didn't write. And then one of the best souls I know had her heart oh so thoroughly broken, and the only thing I could think to give her were my words. That letter is still one of my top posts and to me it always will be. Some other gems would perhaps be Old Wine & New Skins, and of course, An Invisible War

It just occurred to me that I should perhaps mention that I am knee deep in the wonderful madness of writing a book. Here's the part where my nerdtasticness slips out: I freakin' love fantasy YA. So, I'm writing one! Sidenote: if fantasy YA is your jam then hit me up and LET'S BE FRANDDDS. Seriously.  But of course, not everything I've originally written is going into the final version, and that is how The Cutting Room Floor was born! I'll be diving into edits and revisions this summer so hopefully soon there will be juicy tid bits lingering on The Cutting Room Floor. 

I've kept you long enough, so please do go ahead and hop around this fine little corner of the interwebs, and when you're done I would love to hear from you! My inbox is always open: caitlynbattelle@gmail.com . Twitter is my mistress so please do come find me there as well. And if you feel so inclined, sharing my words happens to be the highest compliment one could give me. 

Much love,